Coffee and Health?

There are many studies that have done that seem to prove coffee consumption is healthy, to the point that I am now looking for studies that look at the negative effects of coffee, and I cannot find any.

However that said here is a summary of what I can find about coffee and health, and my response to them:

Coffee contains caffeine (really) that is a stimulant, and to the brain look similar to serotonin, which means that people with sensitive serotonin receptors will find that instead of being told to go to sleep that single is blocked by the caffeine molecule.

● However I feel that is irrelevant since I think the most important thing about stimulants is that people who become stimulant dependent, end up in a stimulant cycle and that is the reason why they struggle to sleep or even require a stimulant to face the day. Since caffeine is one of the most accessible stimulants, and the most socially acceptable besides say sugar. The irony is that most people who require coffee to wake up also require an additional stimulant that compounds the effect of caffeine.

The best rule of thumb is to remove the most obvious stimulants from your early morning diet. By doing this you prevent getting caught up in a daily stimulant cycle. So coffee (and all stimulants) should only be consumed 1 hour after you have eaten breakfast at least 4 out of 3 days.

Addiction? This is linked to the stimulant cycle. And it is easy to break. Simply go off coffee for 5 days, if after 2 days you get a headache then you are addicted. Once you have completed the 5 day, start only having coffee after this post for more details.

coffee and health

Association: this is probably the hardest one to argue for or against. Like cancer sticks after org@sm once you have an association it is hard to break. To break it you need to fight it for as long as it took you to establish it. Associations are hard wired in the brain, so you need to break the hard wiring. the wiring is done by linking neuron in a network, the stronger the association the strong the pathway is linking the neurons that remind us of the sensory experience we have as part of the association.go to for more updates.

So here is my challenge anyone a study of actual coffee and either its short or long term effects that are negative place a comment here so I can also read it and publish it.

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