How to Get Started Roasting Coffee

Roasting coffee from home is a fantastic experience. Making a fresh cup of coffee in the morning from scratch is absolutely amazing because you can get a lot more flavor as well as a better chance of enjoying the entire roasting experience. This is in fact very fun to try and whether you have tried roasting your own brews before or otherwise, it can still be very exciting but what do you need to do to start roasting?check this post at for more detailed information.

Choose the Roaster for You

Now, there are in fact a lot of different appliances in which you could purchase in order to make your fresh coffee but don’t panic. Many appliances are great and reliable to use; Keurig coffee machines are some of the very best to choose also. However, before you make any kind of purchase, you need to think about how much money you have to spend and the amount of roasted coffee you want as well.

If you find you don’t really know the price range you are working with, try to think about if you want a manual appliance or automatic. Manual appliances can be great but if you don’t want to do most of the hard work and just let the automatic roaster do most of the work, you probably have a starting point. Remember, you can get that perfect K cup with any good roaster appliance.

Choose the Right Coffee for Your Café Tasting Drink
Next, you want to look at a variety of new coffee options for you.

Remember, there are lots of different coffees in which you could try out so don’t be afraid to try something new such as green coffee. Green coffee can be a really great choice and it’s a new way to enjoy great new tasting coffee. Of course, you don’t just need to stick exclusively to green coffee but it is a very nice choice to consider nonetheless.

How to Roast Your Coffees

There are different stages of the roasting process that you will go through, however each stage can be great to ensuring you get to have the final control over how strong of a flavor your coffee really is. So first of all, when you add your coffee beans to the machine, you will notice the beans remain a green shade.for more information, follow our latest blog post.

However, within two or three minutes, this will change to a yellow shade and you will notice a scent coming from the beans at this time.

Next, the internal water content from the beans starts to work through which brings about steam, shortly followed by a cracking sound. This isn’t anything to worry about; this is the beans telling you they are roasting. The sugars within the beans are now caramelizing and the beans structure is breaking down – this is how you get that fresh coffee taste.

Knowing When to Stop Roasting Coffee

This can be a very delicate balance because once the bean cracks, it has actually roasted. However, when you stop this process is up to you because if you wish to have a darker shade to your drink, you will allow the process to continue for a few minutes more to allow the beans to caramelize more. However, if you do not wish to continue roasting, you can stop and drink whenever you are ready to.

coffee roaster

If you do continue to roasting process for too long however, you could burn the beans and you won’t end up with coffee but rather burnt water that doesn’t taste good. This is why you need to be very careful when roasting coffee from scratch; it can be fun but watch your timings and enjoy all of your hard work.

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